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                                                                             Dancer – Choreographer

Montreal’s lively nightlife and vibrant dance community inspired me to follow my heart and make a career out of my passion, to make a reality out of my dreams. Back then, though, making Latin dance a career only seemed like a dream. I launched my first studio on St-Michel and Masson, in Montreal’s Rosemont-La-Petite-Patrie neighborhood. Later on, a partnership with Salsateque Club changed everything. I taught in the club, held massive events, and made a name for myself in the Montreal Latin dance community.

I began not only teaching across all dance levels but also coaching actors, notably Paul Walker and Penelope Cruz for the movie Noel. I moved the studio Peel St., in Montreal’s lively downtown core. I also took on more roles and responsibilities, making San Tropez Studio one of Canada’s most well-known Latin dance schools.