April 22, 2021

How to choreograph your life in the middle of a pandemic!

In this episode, Sonia speaks of the challenges around making plans, setting goals or pursuing your dreams in an environment of uncertainty.

How does someone go about accomplishing anything while we’re in the middle of a pandemic? She explains that the most powerful thing anyone can be right now is adaptable!

Finding the balance between the plan that keeps getting off course and the “going with the flow” attitude.

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For the latest from Choreograph Your Life

For the latest from Choreograph Your Life

Guest Info
From as early as i can remember, I’ve known that dance would be a major force in my life.

It took the shy little girl I was and turned me into a bold, confident woman. I was born in London, England, but my earliest memories are all set in Montreal, Canada.

When I was five years, my parents, Cypriot and frequent movers, settled in this city, where I discovered my passion for Latin dance —or did it find me?

Montreal’s lively nightlife and vibrant dance community inspired me to follow my heart and make a career out of my passion, to make a reality out of my dreams.

So I put myself on the stage and “choreographed my life”, accomplishing my wildest dreams by taking one step at the time, with spontaneity. And when I took that leap of faith, all the stars were aligned for my career to take off. It happened.

My philosophy of life is largely inspired by dance. We all have a dream we yearn to achieve, and we need to choreograph our every move to make it happen. I was advised not to live the “artist life” for reasons still beyond my comprehension, but nothing else made sense to me.

I saw the changes the rhythm brings about for me, for you, for anybody who takes a chance—and that’s what I wanted to devote my life to.

Sonia lives in Montreal where she teaches and coaches.

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Welcome to the Choreograph Your Life Podcast, where we dig deep into the journey of people’s pursuit of their passion for dance. Join us as our host and guests discuss their dance journeys, the business of dance, obstacles they face, and even lessons learned along the way. Now, here’s your host, Sonia Kyriacou.

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Hello, everyone, and welcome back to my podcast. How are you all doing? In this episode, I will be talking about how to plan, how to create the life that you love, how to choreograph your life in uncertain times. So yes, 2020. And now even 2021 is proving to be very unstable, very unpredictable, which makes it really difficult to plan what it is that you’d like to accomplish in your life, right? So every two weeks, every month, things keep changing, you’re allowed to travel, you’re not allowed to travel, we have to social distance, we have to wear masks, we have to, you know, where I live in Montreal, Canada, we have a curfew. So it just poses a really big problem when it comes to planning, planning anything. Your personal life, your business life, you know, family, etc. So I was thinking about it, you know, like, how does someone go about planning their life? How does someone go about setting goals, and accomplishing things? While we’re in the middle of a pandemic? And so I thought about what did I used to do before the pandemic? You know, how did I use to plan it? How did I create my company? How did I achieve my goals? And so I will share with you today what exactly I used to do, I used to essentially make a very clear plan, I would put it on paper, I would basically dream what it is that I want it to do in the next year. So I would base myself on one year. And I would say, well, when it comes to my company, this is what I will, will accomplish this year. So we would set sales goals, we will talk about, you know one of the types of trainings and dances we wanted to teach what is it that we wanted to improve in the studio, and everything we absolutely wanted was written on paper with a timeframe attached to it, I would do the same for personal goals example this year, I want to go into a fitness competition or this year, I want to make sure that I am feeling the best I can every single day to have my optimal health in the year. And so I would plan what it is I have to do to get there. Is it more walks outside? Is it more visits to the gym? is it changing my diet? Is it more yoga and meditation? So I would take the time to write everything down? And then of course, I would do the exact same thing with my dance companies, my dance troops, you know, where do we want to go this year? Who do we want to train with? What kind of choreography styles do we want to try? So it was essentially, you know, fun and exciting thing to do to write down all your dreams and to actually plan them like, there was zero resistance. And that was, you know, one of the things that I insisted on for myself and for my, my dancers in my team is imagine everything is possible. There are no limits, you have absolutely zero resistance. What would you plan? How would you see it going if you felt this way, if you knew that?

And so it was wonderful. Would it always meet reality? Of course not, you know, we’d have the plan B, the Plan C, the plan D etc. And we would always adapt ourselves to whatever came our way. And most of the time, the things that couldn’t work out, were out of our control, outside forces, you know, the weather changed, or it could be that the event we wanted to attend got postponed or it could be that just life happens. And so what we did is we just kept going to the next plan, okay? You can’t go straight. So you go left or you go right and you find a way to get there. And so this adaptability taught me a lot a lot about how to reach your goals in any environment. And so, today, having gone through what almost a year and a half of pandemic, this skill has come really has come in handy. And it is something that I promote to my friends, my family, to my listeners and to my studio is let’s plan. Let’s go ahead and plan let’s go ahead and dream our dreams. Let’s Just imagine that everything we want is possible. And by doing so, we put ourselves in a different frame of mind we put ourselves in the frame of mind of YES, YES, we can do this! yes, it is possible! And therefore, we’re vibrating at a higher vibration, we are happier, we are more joyous. And we are also able to, you know, handle any changes that come along our way, in a much better manner. So that being said, the plan has changed multiple times in 2020, and multiple times in 2021. But something that’s happened now, I would say that is different from last year is we just kind of go, oh, okay, it’s changed again, no problem. Let’s go to the next plan of action. And this adaptability is something we must maintain. Even after all this is over and we’re able to live life more freely. We must maintain this attitude of flexibility of “no sweat off my back”. You know, I planned it this way. It didn’t work out, no problem. So part of choreographing your life is actually staying quite flexible. You make your plans, but you go with the flow. If you fall off beat you get back on. So. So this, my friends is what I want to talk about today. And what I hope to inspire in you is this adaptability this “joie de vivre” this, I can do it no matter what the conditions are. And so my friends on that note, I wish you a fantastic day or evening, and we will talk on the next episode. Keep on dancing!

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Thanks for listening. Find Sonia on Instagram at SONIAKYRI and on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter at Sonia Kyriacou. Check back weekly for new episodes. Until the next time, keep dancing.

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