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In “Choreograph Your Life”, Sonia Kyriacou, founder of the San Tropez Dance Studio and Artistic Director of the Montreal Salsa Convention shares the true story how a struggling office receptionist turned all odds against her, into the most popular studio and international dance event, recognized on an international level. Faced with a lack of support, lack of encouragement, self-doubt, shyness, financial struggle and dragged down by thoughts of “I am not good enough”, Sonia reveals for the first time how it all happened, how she almost failed, how she found her inner strength and learned to trust herself and learned the powerful lessons along the way.

Sonia shares through personal stories, research, and examples, how dance can positively impact and completely transform your brain, body, mind, heart, and emotions— and as a result, help you “choreograph” a life that is full of purpose, meaning, joy, and profound relationships. In a world where every day seems to be increasingly uncertain, finding balance, peace, clarity and hope is challenging. Luckily, there is a solution for all of these things: And that solution is dance! Increased levels of trust, compassion, creativity, social skills, and a renewed love for life are just a few of the profound effects that engaging in dance can bring you.

Now more than ever, it’s essential we cultivate habits and hobbies that bring about joy, love, emotional stability, connectedness, empathy, confidence, and compassion: And dance has the ability to do just that.

In this book, Kyriacou addresses topics such as:

  • Dance on the brain: How dance has the ability to alter this organ’s form and function for a more balanced, creative, and organized thought process
  • Dance and living in the moment: How dance can enhance your capacity to experience states of “flow,” and how it plays a role in stress reduction and overall health
  • Dance is healing: How dance carries with it the potential to heal—and bring restoration to our anatomy and physiology. Kyriacou shares how dance has been proven to restructure neuropathways in the brain, increase the size of the cortex, relieve loneliness, challenge our intellect, and bring a sense of comfort, consolation, encouragement, and excitement to our sentiment; thus improving overall cognitive function
  • Dance is a language: How dance has been used as a form of communication throughout the centuries, and how it still works as an effective form of self-expression, especially for those dealing with negative emotions, suppressed memories, and even Alzheimer’s, and autism
  • Dance and the creative process: How dance can help you structure your life in a way that’s fulfilling, intrinsically rewarding, purposeful, and passionate— in short, how it can help you cultivate a life that you love!
Sonia Kyriacou

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Sonia Kyriacou - Choreograph Your Life